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tastefully different -
who I am and
what I can do for you
As Nutrimom I create tastefully different nutritional pathways for my clients. These "Tastefully different" solutions are such fun that reaching your goals is so easy, it quickly becomes a lifestyle. Whether you are struggling to fall pregnant or wanting to lose weight after your pregnancy.
Perhaps you are battling with a challenge in feeding your family or would like advice on sports nutrition or specific health issues such as allergies, ADHD etc.

I am an internationally qualified, registered nutritionist. I have worked locally as well as overseas, creating individual nutrition and fitness solutions specific to every clients needs. As Nutrimom I have lectured at various schools and inspired many women to achieve successful eating habits.
                                 I follow a holistic approach to healthy eating
                           and therefore I will also include the necessary, various                  resources such products, supplements and/
                         relevant services that I believe could be beneficial in achieving the
specific nutritional goals of my client.
I also have a modelling background. This helps me understand the demands of maintaining of a healthy body image and achieving your target weight and figure, the healthy way.

Not only do I love preparing and eating healthy food, but I also find immense enjoyment in exercise. I have personally experienced the many benefits of incorporating an exercise regime in my lifestyle and I also received several accolades as a runner. Using my experience as a runner and exercise enthusiast, I help my clients through sharing this experience and applying it to their unique life circumstances, to achieve a holistic lifestyle change.

Playful Kids

 On top of being a mom of two, and understanding the demands of pregnancy and raising happy, healthy children

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Areas of Specialisation

Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

 Detoxification &

Elimination diets

Preparing Healthy Food

As NutriMom I put high value on

practical experience and work ethics.

I live the solutions

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