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5 Tips for great Digestive Health for kids

1. Eating fruit alone. By it self, fruit is incredibly cleansing to the body(especially when eaten in the morning , such as fruit-filled breakfast). Eating fruit at the end of a meal(such as dessert) ferments the other food that has just been eaten, making digestive sluggish.

2. Having your children eat their last big meal by 6-7pm. Metabolism slows down as the day progresses. If your children ask for a late night snack, pick something nice and easy to digest, such as a banana, which will also help them sleep.

3. Encouraging your children to chew their food well. Remember, proper digestion begins with the act of chewing.

4. Slowing down. Do not overload the body with to much food in a short amount of time. Mealtime should last at least 20 minutes.

5. Paying attention to the frequency of your children's bowel movements. A healthy system should excrete without strain at least onc

e day.

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