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Herbs and spices for DIGESTIVE health

Spice up, warm up,add some flavour to your food this winter and KEEP your family's immune system strong

Orange or Lemon peel - Increases the natural secretion of digestive juices, add it when baking healthy poppy seed muffins or add in your H2O bottle for the day.

“Slippery elm - in your night time ROOIBOS tea will help irritated tissues in the digestive tract

IMUNNE BOOSTING COMBO - Ginger root + peppermint + juice of a lemon and some raw honey will KEEP WINTER BUGS AWAY . Peppermint calms digestive spasms and can relieve gas while Gingerroot helps stimulate saliva, bile and gastric juice.

Dandelion - has a variety of vitamins and minerals AND can also be used as a mild laxative

Cinnamon - Stabiles blood sugar levels. Add that to your night time tea or cooked pumpkin

Turmeric - Reduces cholesterol, increases immunity, improves digestion, prevents inflammation...… You can add turmeric to chicken and beef dishes, soups and cauliflower dishes, brown rice.


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